Episode 11: Building a nationwide last-mile delivery startup

Small Business DNA Podcast

Neal Cobb

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About the episode

Neal Cobb is the co-founder and Vice President of Customer Success at Skipcart, an innovative scaleup that combines software with fleet logistics for on-demand deliveries across the grocery, retail, and restaurant industries. The company launched in 2018 as a scrappy startup that happened to land their first account with a major national grocer.

In the years since, Neal and his team have positioned their company as a disruptive force in the delivery space, punching above their weight to compete with the likes of Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash.

In this episode, Neal shares how Skipcart faced the challenges that come with rapid scaling. He discusses how the company weathered major shifts in the gig economy alongside increased demand for delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing key insights about how to keep your doors open despite volatility as you grow.

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