Flexible and custom funding partnerships

Join us as we work to unlock credit for driven businesses. Whether you want to integrate a credit solution into your platform, send over referrals, or develop something more tailored to you, we’re here to make funding more accessible to your customers.

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Housecall Pro

Build stronger relationships with your customers through our integrated, intuitive credit experience.

We partner with all types of companies to apply for funding. Our goal is to help you and your customers achieve growth.

“After meeting the Fundbox team, we were thrilled to discover they could deliver the tech and customer experience that OroCommerce was looking for. We are confident that they will be able to grow alongside us as we continue to innovate within the B2B space.”
Motti Danino, Chief Operations Officer, Oro Inc
Motti Danino, Chief Operations Officer, Oro Inc

Why us?

Flexible Partnership

We customize the way we work with you to match what’s best for your business and the funding needs of your customers.

Accessible Funding

We make it simple for your customers to join our B2B credit and payments network, whether it’s integrated into your workflow, through a referral link, or in a way that’s all your own.

Full Service Support

We’re committed to helping your customers succeed. Our responsive phone and email support, along with a robust FAQ section, make it easy for your customers to get the right guidance to reach their goals.

“Our partnership with Fundbox has allowed our Pros to confidently take on new opportunities so they can continue to grow their businesses.”
Roland Ligtenberg, Co-Founder and SVP of Growth and Innovation, Housecall Pro
Roland Ligtenberg, Co-Founder and SVP of Growth and Innovation, Housecall Pro

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