{'id': 40, 'pageId': 43, 'page': 43, 'title': '', 'items': [{'datePublished': 'October 16, 2019', 'description': '<p>As an e-commerce store owner, one way to grow your business is to expand to brick and mortar. Amazon, Warby &#8230;</p>\n', 'url': '', 'title': 'How to Expand from E-commerce to Brick and Mortar', 'img': {'contentUrl': '', 'content2xUrl': ''}}, {'datePublished': 'October 9, 2019', 'description': '<p>Fraud may not be something we like to think about, but we should. U.S. businesses will lose an average of &#8230;</p>\n', 'url': '', 'title': 'Fraud 101: What Business Owners Should Know About Fraud', 'img': {'contentUrl': '', 'content2xUrl': ''}}, {'datePublished': 'October 4, 2019', 'description': '<p>We ended Q3 with a bang, announcing some of the biggest news in our company’s history: we unveiled our new &#8230;</p>\n', 'url': '', 'title': 'Q3 Media Roundup: AI 50, IDC FinTech 100, and More', 'img': {'contentUrl': '', 'content2xUrl': ''}}, {'datePublished': 'October 1, 2019', 'description': '<p>For many construction businesses, the slow season is coming as winter weather puts the freeze on many of your jobs. &#8230;</p>\n', 'url': '', 'title': '10 Ways to Maximize Downtime in Your Construction Business', 'img': {'contentUrl': '', 'content2xUrl': ''}}, {'datePublished': 'September 25, 2019', 'description': '<p>This week, we&#8217;re proud to announce that we have raised $176 million in growth equity funding for our Series C &#8230;</p>\n', 'url': '', 'title': 'We&#8217;ve Raised $326 Million to Expand the Industry’s First B2B Payments and Credit Network', 'img': {'contentUrl': '', 'content2xUrl': ''}}], 'order': 1, 'blockType': 32}

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