7 Ways Mobile Devices Help You Be More Productive

mobile devices help you be more productive

Have you noticed no one says “I’ll have to wait until I get back to the office to check on that” anymore? Being able to access information quickly is just one way mobile devices can help you run your business more productively. Here are seven ways you can boost your productivity with mobile technology.

  1. Access files from anywhere: If you store your business data and documents in the cloud, you can access information for your customers without having to be in the office, or even in the country. You can use your smartphone to access any data you need in minutes.
  2. Do research: Even when you don’t need to access your own files, you can find almost any information you need right from your mobile devices. Take advantage of “down” time. While waiting to meet with a client, you can research last-minute industry trends, see what the person has posted on Twitter that day, or check the local news for some talking points.
  3. Feedback and follow-up: Save time and answer customer and client questions more efficiently by checking email, social media and review sites while you’re on the go. Clients, customers and partners are used to fast, almost instant, responses, and staying connected makes sure you don’t disappoint. Customer service today has essentially become a 24/7 endeavor.
  4. Cash flow: We all know cash flow is vital to all small businesses. You can accept payments instantly, instead of waiting for checks to clear, by using your smartphone and tablets. Long-term, you won’t have to worry about making major upgrades to an outdated payment system. Mobile payment setups enable you to establish multiple payment points in your stores or offices.
  5. Cash control: Using mobile can increase your efficiency, particularly when working on accounting tasks. In a recent TD Bank poll, business owners working more than 60 hours per week found bookkeeping and banking to be “draining” (58 percent hate bookkeeping, and 34 percent hate banking). By downloading mobile apps from your financial institution and your accounting software of choice, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your invoices and receivables and get real-time updates on your finances. You can even access payroll functions so you can stay on top of employee wages.
  6. Apps: If you need an app to help you be more productive, there’s one out there to solve whatever challenge you’re facing. (Actually, there are hundreds.) You can download apps that help you better manage your time, to check traffic, to send reminders for meetings, for travel, customer service management and much more. Before downloading any apps, be sure to check reviews to see what real users have to say about it.
  7. Staying connected. Mobile technology can help your employees stay in touch wherever they are—you can even have face-to-face meetings with them over your (and theirs) tablets or smartphones. Install project management software on everyone’s devices, so you collaborate on projects, assign tasks, view progress and sign off on any documents you need to.

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