5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a Better Leader


Now that you’ve rung in the new year, people will start asking you about your resolutions. Instead of resolving to do something clichéd—losing those last 10 pounds or organizing your closet—may we suggest you resolve to something different? Become a better leader.

Resolutions to improve your leadership traits cant benefit both you and your staffers. You also might be surprised to see how important these skills are outside of the workplace.

5 Resolutions to Fire Up Your Management Savvy in 2017

  1. Build communication skills

    Being a good leader means clearly conveying your vision to a number of people. This requires you to organize your ideas and relay them in a well-thought out manner. If you’re not accustomed to speaking to a group or team, consider joining an organization like Toastmasters where you can practice speaking to an audience on a weekly basis. Speaking in front of a low-stakes audience will provide you with the feedback you need to improve your communication skills.

  2. Clear the red tape

    Great leaders break down the barriers between their team and its goals. Staffers are often reluctant to try creative ideas when there is a lot of bureaucracy and hierarchy standing in the way. Your staffers may not have the authority to change the rules, but you do. Take a look at your policies and office culture to see if there’s a lot of red tape keeping your employees from taking initiative. If so, take steps to make things simpler for you and your staff.

  3. Recognize achievements

    It can often take staffers years to receive a promotion or raise, so how do they know they’re doing a good job in the meantime? Find ways to reward your workers for both team and individual efforts. This goes for everyone on your staff, from receptionists to senior executives.

    This is simple if you work in a small office, but what about companies of 20 people or more? Task your management team with singling out lower level staffers for good work and make sure to acknowledge it on a weekly or monthly basis.

  4. Do something daring

    We’re not talking about skydiving or swimming with sharks here. Your employees should see you taking some calculated risks that could take your enterprise to the next level. Writing a proposal to win a large client’s business or expanding into a new product category could show your workers that you have a vision for the long-term success of the company.

  5. Bring the fun

    All work and no play is no fun. Your business means business, but a workplace without regular fun is both demoralizing and depressing. Company culture comes from the top down, therefore it’s up to you to set the tone at the office.

    You don’t have to throw a pizza party or install a rock climbing wall to enjoy a little levity. Simple steps like encouraging a weekly happy hour gathering or a monthly potluck lunch will do the trick.

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