Should You Use Valentines Day as a Marketing Opportunity

Author: Gina Hall | February 10, 2016

The dust in the attic hasn’t settled on your Christmas decorations before retailers are stocking their shelves with Valentine cards and candy. You may dismiss Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, best suited for restaurants, florists and jewelers. What does it have to do with your B2B service or startup business? Plenty.

Minor holidays such as Valentine’s, President’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are a great way to engage current clients and potential customers. Yes, there may be some anti-Valentine’s sentiment out there, some of your followers might be in the relationship doldrums or think the whole day is cheesy. But you run the risk of losing a few email subscribers or social media followers anytime you run a marketing campaign.

Here are a few clever ideas to connect with your clients without losing the love.


No, not an e-card, an actual card sent via the post office. Let clients know you appreciate their business. A handwritten note goes a long way and will leave your client with a warm fuzzy feeling long after they’ve opened the envelope. A personalized message can also help you woo that elusive client who has been on the cusp of handing you his business. Let him know you care and you could wind up winning his account.

Seasonal Website Page

Give clients and new customers a reason to revisit your website. Pay a small fee to have a web developer set up a game on your website where users can click on hearts or Cupids to win prizes. You’ll see an uptick in visits to your site, which will remind people why they need your services.

 Social Media

It’s relatively simple to take advantage of social media hashtags on Valentine’s Day, so make sure to insert yourself into the conversation on any platform where you have a presence. Want to take it a step further? Update your business’s banners and social media logo with a theme that celebrates the holiday. It alerts your followers that you’re active on the platform.

Run a Marketing Campaign

Maybe your company is ready to start a push for new business. Linking a campaign email or social media post to the holiday will make your messaging seem fresh. And the tie-in doesn’t have to be cheesy. Come up with a creative video about a real life romance story.

Show Some Love to Your Customers, Employees or a Charity

The day doesn’t have to be about you, it can be a time to give back. Can you budget in a gift for each of your clients? It’s a small gesture, but it will generate a feeling of goodwill throughout the year. You could also consider using the holiday as a staff appreciation day. Nothing brightens up a dull winter’s day like candy and cupcakes, or you could let staffers out early to accommodate their own holiday plans.

Are your clients charitable? Mount a small online fundraiser on behalf of your favorite charity or organize a blanket and toy drive for a local animal shelter.

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