Why You Should Use Valentine’s Day as a Marketing Opportunity

valentines day marketing

The dust in the attic hasn’t even settled on your holiday decorations before retailers are stocking their shelves with Valentine’s Day cards and candy. You may dismiss Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday that’s best suited for restaurants, florists, and jewelers. So what does it have to do with your B2B service or startup business? Plenty.

Social holidays—such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween—are a great way to engage current clients and potential customers. Sure, there may be people in your audience who don’t celebrate these holidays, but the risk of losing a few email subscribers or social media followers is largely outweighed by the potential engagement you could get from these social moments.

Here are a few clever ways to take advantage of social holidays to help drive engagement and connect with your clients.

Send snail mail

Holiday cards aren’t just for December. Spread mid-year cheer with physical cards sent via the postal service. Wish your clients a happy Valentine’s Day and let them know you appreciate their business. For a bonus, include a handwritten note. Writing something personalized can be very impactful, leaving your clients feeling special long after they’ve opened the envelope. A personalized message can also help you impress that elusive client who has been on the cusp of handing you their business. Let them know you care, and you could end up winning their business.

Create a seasonal website page

Give clients and potential new customers a reason to visit your website. For a small fee you can hire a web developer to create a seasonal landing page, reengaging customers and creating new interest in your page. Web developers can also create a holiday-themed game on your website where users can click on hearts or candy to win discounts or prizes. Send out an email that directs clients and prospects to your updated page or newly added game, and you’re sure to see an uptick in visits to your site—inevitably reminding visitors what services you offer and why they might need your business.

Engage on social media

Social holidays are a great way to engage with users on social media. Make sure you insert yourself into the Valentine’s Day conversation by using hashtags and posting holiday-themed content that’s relevant to your business. You can even ask your customers what they’re doing to celebrate, using the holiday to drive engagement and create conversation with your customer base.

Want to take it a step further? You can update your business’ banner or social media logo to coincide with the theme of the holiday. While it may seem simple, this update will let your followers know that you’re active on the platform. Just make sure to revert your banner and logo back once the holiday is over so you don’t appear to be inactive and the channels don’t seem neglected.

Run a marketing campaign

If your company is ready to take on new business, using holiday-themed content in a marketing email or social media post will instantly make your messaging seem timely and relevant. This is a great way to repurpose existing content and to freshen up old messaging.

You can reach out to customers to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day, and while you’re at it, you can remind them of the great services you offer or any promotions you have going on. Holidays are a great way to “break the ice” of a cold email, and it can make your brand seem more personable and relatable, too.

Support your customers, employees, or ‌charity

The holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be about driving business. Instead of pushing clients to engage in your services, you can use holidays as an opportunity to give back. Maybe you can budget in a small gift or discount for each of your clients. In addition to being a nice treat, it also gives clients a reason to reach out once the holiday has passed.

You could also consider using the holiday as an employee appreciation day, bringing in a little sweet treat to let your employees know how much you care. If you do treat your team, make sure you capture it on social media. It’s a great chance to show your customers a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like inside your company—giving them the warm and fuzzies, too!

Another way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day is by creating a small online fundraiser for your favorite charity or organizing a blanket or toy drive for a local animal shelter. Bonus points if you choose a charity or cause that is related to your business, giving your current and potential customers yet another reason to enjoy doing business with you.

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