The Messaging Platform for Home Improvement and Home Services

How it Works

Instantly engage your leads with text, email, and voicemail. From one collaborative inbox, sales teams can message new leads, nurture them pre-sale to post-sale, and automatically follow-up with leads that don’t buy. Main use cases include:


  • Automated follow-up to new leads until they respond.

  • On average, results in a 10% increase in appointment-set rate

Sales follow-up

  • Automated follow-up to post-appointment/quoted leads until they respond.

  • On average, results in a 7-10% increase in close rate.

We also solve for:

Customer experience

  • Automated appointment scheduling and project reminders to homeowners.


  • Texts/emails to cold/dead leads or older customers in your CRM to resell or upsell.


  • Automated follow-up to homeowners when a project is completed for reviews/referrals.

How To Get Started with Fundbox

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