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How the Weather Affects Your Marketing

By Rieva Lesonsky

For business owners, a change in the weather means more than grabbing sunscreen or an umbrella before you head out the door. A sudden downpour or snowstorm could mean canceling a long-planned outdoor promotion or letting your restaurant staff go home early because dinner reservations turn into no-shows. If you’re marketing savvy, however, take advantage of the weather using innovative marketing promotions.

According to The Weather Company, consumers’ buying habits mirror changes in weather in predictable ways. For example, the arrival of spring usually brings positive energy, optimistic feelings and a desire to try new things; as a result, sales spike. Snowy or stormy weather makes people seek comfort and security; when it’s hot, humid, or raining, people get restless or irritable and want to quickly find relief.

Since weather forecasters still get it wrong fairly often, the key to successfully planning a weather-related marketing campaign is to be flexible and have a back-up plan.

Here are some weather-related ideas to help inspire your marketing plans:

  1. The sun will come out tomorrow

    One thing you can count on: When the sun comes out, particularly after a long absence, people want to be out and about in it. That’s why spring brings feelings of renewal and draws people outdoors. Consumers want to come out of hiding and give themselves, their homes, and their drab winter lives a makeover. Marketing campaigns that speak to the desire for renewal and fresh starts resonate with customers in spring, making it the perfect time to pitch educational ideas, remodeling or redecorating services, or fitness products and services.

  2. Rain + sun = allergies

    If you sell cold or allergy-related products, allergy season is obviously the best time to pitch your products. You can also promote your expertise by writing blog posts, guesting on a podcast or creating a video promotion offering tips to fending off a cold or fighting allergy symptoms. If you own a restaurant, it’s a good time to promote hot soups or spicy foods that clear nasal passages to draw in the comfort-seeking crowd.

  3. Quick-changing weather means quick-changing marketing

    Take advantage of approaching storms by creating different mobile marketing campaigns. As a winter storm approaches, depending on your business, you can send SMS coupons to customers offering discounts for snow-removal products or services, basic supplies, food, toys, or books. Experiencing a sudden heatwave? Draw diners to your restaurant by featuring special icy drinks or ice cream. If you’re in a rainy climate, hand out inexpensive rain ponchos (with your logo on them) or umbrella covers.

  4. Make an impact

    Depending on the climate of your business’s location, your local community could be impacted by weather-related crises such as floods or wildfires. Show your engagement with the community by contributing a portion of your sales to help local homeless shelters, hold fundraisers, or provide needed goods to displaced families. Your good deeds will be remembered even when the weather crisis is over.

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