How to Get Better Customer Testimonials

Author: Alyssa Gregory | November 25, 2015

Customer testimonials are an excellent way to build a buzz about your business and encourage word of mouth marketing. Positive testimonials give prospective clients a view of the benefits your company offers and why they should buy from you, right from mouths of happy customers. Testimonials help build credibility and develop trust in you and your business.

If you are new to using customer testimonials in your business, or if you find it difficult to collect testimonials, these tips will help you improve your process.

Ask for Them
Your clients probably won’t think to provide testimonials unless you ask for them. It’s not because they don’t value your business, but everyone is so busy that it is probably not high up on the list of things to do. Don’t be shy — ask your clients directly for testimonials on a regular basis. You can make personal calls, send out emails, or include a standard request on your receipts and invoices. Try a few different options to see what request method works best for your customers.

Provide Context
How will you be using your testimonials? Will they be dispersed in the main locations on your website? Will you be creating an entire section of testimonials and case studies? Are you using them in other marketing materials? Or maybe your testimonials will become a part of a video introduction that you’re creating? Let your customers know how you intend to use the testimonials and guide them by providing specifics of what you’re looking for including length, specific benefits, and tone.

Include Personally Identifiable Information
The best testimonials are those that can be qualified. Ask your client if it’s okay to include his or her name, company name, website address, social links, and even a photo with the testimonial. Identifying, who the quote is from, makes it instantly legitimate and adds a tremendous amount of credibility. Testimonials that are qualifiable are the most meaningful kind of testimonials you can use.

Be Open to Different Formats
Not all testimonials need to be a block of text; they can take many forms. You can use video testimonials, Facebook reviews, LinkedIn recommendations, and even recorded voicemail messages that you transcribe. Consider letting your clients choose the format in order to make the testimonial easier for the customer to submit, and more likely that they will. Not to mention that it’s a very good idea to add some variety to a testimonials page with multiple formats and types of testimonials.

Edit if Necessary, but Get Final Approval
Every testimonial will not reach you in final, public-ready condition. Again, people are busy! Expect that you may need to finesse a submitted testimonial to make it ready to share. Take care not to change the overall message, but edit for typos, clarity and flow. Just make sure you send the edited testimonial back to your client for review and approval before using it.

Testimonials are not only powerful, but they are also easy to use and cost nothing to get. Start asking for testimonials today and do it consistently going forward and you will be creating a collection of go-to marketing blurbs you can use over and over.

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