Are Temporary Employees Right for Your Business?

Author: Rieva Lesonsky | October 28, 2015

You need help—fast. Your business is growing and you don’t have the staff to keep up. But who has time to hire when you’re so busy you can barely see straight? No wonder a growing number of small business owners are turning to temporary workers as a solution. Nearly half (46 percent) of employers say they plan to hire temporary or contract workers this year—up 4 percentage points over last year, according to a new CareerBuilder study.

Are temporary employees right for your small business? Here are some of the benefits of hiring temps.

  • You can fill a short-term need. Hiring temporary employees enables you to staff up and down for busy periods rather than hiring permanent employees and laying them off or putting additional stress on your existing employees. If you have a seasonal business, or are experiencing growth but nervous about committing to full-time, permanent workers, temps can be a great solution. They can even fill in when employees go on vacation.
  • You get employees fast. If you hire permanent employees, you’ve got to search for them yourself, conduct interviews and then train the new workers—all at a time when you’re super busy (or else you wouldn’t need employees fast, right?). If you use a temporary agency, you can just place the call and have the agency find candidates, assess their fit and get them on board.
  • Temps are ready to jump in. Sure, you’ll have to give a temporary employee some orientation in how your business does things, but you won’t have to train them in the basics of their roles. Temps are experienced in their jobs—and as an aftermath of the past recession, there are still a lot of skilled workers turning to temporary work, meaning you’ll have a bigger talent pool to choose from. What’s more, if your temporary employee doesn’t work out for whatever reason, call the agency and they often can send a replacement out that same day.
  • You can find temps in a variety of industries and job descriptions. Gone are the days when temporary employees were only office workers. Today, you can find temporary manufacturing workers, accountants, health care workers and even temporary C-level executives. More than two-thirds (35 percent) of temp workers are in occupations requiring college or advanced degrees, including managerial jobs; technical, information technology and scientific jobs; and health care, according to the American Staffing Association. Some two-thirds are in industrial and office work (37 percent industrial, 28 percent office).
  • Temps take headaches off your hands. The paperwork, administrative and HR issues related to the temps are handled by the staffing agency. Of course, you will pay a fee for this, but you’ll also save money overall because you aren’t providing the temps with benefits and insurance.
  • You can test out potential full-time employees. According to the American Staffing Association, nearly half (49 percent) of temporary employees see it as a path to a permanent job. And more than half (56 percent) of companies that will hire temps this year plan to transition some of them into full-time jobs, up from 43 percent last year, CareerBuilder

Does hiring temps sound like a good solution to you? Join the crowd: The temporary trend is here to stay.

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