Fundbox’s 2019 Recap: A Year of Fantastic Growth

Around 60 people on the Fundbox team smiling and celebrating under the sun and palm trees at the company’s 2019 Summer Party.

Looking back at the past year and the last decade, we at Fundbox recognize how far we and our customers have come—and how fast we’re moving ahead. In addition to summarizing the top Fundbox news of 2019, here’s an overview of the top findings we’ve learned this year from our business customers who’ve tapped into credit at their moment of need.

The Numbers at a Glance

50% of Fundbox customers said 2019 was their best year, especially media companies. January was the peak month to draw funds.Construction industry clients waited the longest to get paid, an average 40 days. Semiconductor companies only waited 8 days.Companies averaging the longest wait to get paid were in North Dakota at 47 days. The quickest was Arkansas at 21 days.

Congrats to Fundbox’s Small Business of the Year

Hats off for AKHIRE, our winner for 2019. Every year we run an internal contest to recognize one of our clients and give them an award as our top small or medium business. In addition to providing them with a nice perk and the kudos they deserve, the selection process is also a great way for our employees to learn about our customers. Read what made AKHIRE stand out as our 2019 Small Business of the Year.

Fundbox on the Awards Lists

We’re proud of the growth and accomplishments our customers enjoyed in 2019. We’re also proud of and very grateful for the many honors Fundbox received over the year, including:

Fundbox Raised $326 Million

In 2019, investors put even more faith in Fundbox, issuing $176 million in growth equity funding for our Series C round. We also secured a $150 million credit facility. Read the background of these investments and how we plan to put them to work to help improve the way businesses get credit or offer B2B net terms.

A Brand New Brand

A lot has changed since Fundbox was founded in 2013, and we felt our brand needed a makeover. To ensure our look and feel better matched the the high tech speed and efficiency of our product, we spent a year carefully updating everything from our logo and visuals to our very core principles. Check out the full story behind our new brand.

From One Great Year to the Next

Energized with new funding, new branding, new accolades, new technology, and new people, we at Fundbox look forward to an even bolder and successful year in 2020—for ourselves and our customers.

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