Introducing Our New Brand

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As we’ve grown and changed, our aims have remained consistent: to help businesses achieve independence, sustainability, and significant growth.

We use technology to unlock growth for driven businesses by accelerating payments and credit. Our goal? To revolutionize the economy, so our customers can spend more of their time focused on building their businesses.

We’re here for driven businesses that are ready for more: ambitious people who are ready for the challenges of opportunity and growth. Our new brand communicates these goals with a fresh, confident visual language. We’re excited to share our ongoing journey.

Fundbox New brand announcement

Why rebrand?

We’ve evolved since our founding in 2013, and our new look and feel represents who we are now. It’s bold, optimistic, and full of energy, inspired by the initiative, focus, and momentum of our customers.

You can see this in action on the product dashboard and on our website, with bright colors, black and white photography of real business owners, and clean design. We’ve also incorporated dynamic brushstrokes, representing energy and forward movement—inspired by the determination we see our customers bring to their businesses, and the passion that our employees bring to work every day.

We worked with DesignStudio, alongside our internal design team, in a yearlong collaborative process to bring this new brand to life. Beginning with a deep dive into our history, our customers, case studies, product roadmap, and aspirations, we incorporated hundreds of real Fundbox stories into what became our new brand.

Our principles

We express our brand principles by always striving to be transparent, direct, and focused on the future. You’ll always know where you stand with us, and we’ll do our best to communicate clearly. We exist to empower our customers, helping them achieve their business goals. The way we communicate is part of that.

Our new logo is confident, energetic, and expresses the movement element of our brand. The logotype is accessible and friendly, and we emphasize the word “Fund” with an expressive stroke, to clearly communicate how we help businesses.

Fundbox logo animation


Our primary typeface is Roobert, a geometric, sans-serif font family. The type contains some distinctive features, like the rounded corner of the “G” and some quirky punctuation marks. We’re drawn to these unique details coupled with the boldness and strong legibility of the type in print and onscreen.

Fundbox typography Roobert

We use type in black or white, to emphasize ease of reading. This is important to us because directness and transparency are two of our most important goals with any of our communications.

Color palette

We use a dynamic color palette, consisting of ten brand colors, plus black and white. We use both light and dark versions of blue, orange, coral, sand, and pink in tonal combinations.

Fundbox brand colors 2019

Fundbox logos and colors

This departure from our previous visual identity signals a few things. The colors are bright, striking, and fearless with an element of fun. While ten may sound like a lot of brand colors, we use them in well-defined ways within a cohesive design system, ensuring that the effect is clear while remaining flexible.

Visual direction

Our photography uses a documentary style, showing real people in diverse types of work environments. With this photography, we aim to expand the idea of what a successful business owner looks like. We use black and white imagery, to give photographs a quality of permanence and weight, recalling the look of film and celebrating the focus, grit, and dignity of business owners. We tell stories about courageous entrepreneurs in action and motion.

Fundbox art direction 2019

An important part of our visual direction is the use of thick brushstrokes. Inspired by the passionate, in-the-moment, free-hand markings of entrepreneurs in the midst of their work, these expressive strokes are the determined, progress-focused emphasis marks drawn in business meetings, on blueprints, or on drafts. The marks connect us with the feeling of being in the zone, working with focus and determination to create something new.

Fundbox brand expressions

Fundbox brand ads

Looking forward

Over the past year, we’ve made an effort to consider and improve every aspect of our brand, from the inside out. We want to extend our thanks to DesignStudio, who worked with us to help uncover and express our new brand, and our fantastic Design and UX teams in Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

We hope that as you experience our services, you’ll be delighted at the clarity and ease of use. As we continue to evolve, we’ll keep moving forward, making changes and improvements to better serve our customers and partners.

For media inquiries please contact us. For career opportunities please visit our Careers section.

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