Episode 9: Redesigning the go-kart industry to create a new sport

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Joshua Nelson

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About the episode

Have you ever wished you could play out your favorite racing video game in real life? For Joshua Nelson, founder and CEO at Emotional Ideas Inc., a love of gaming and a dream of shaping the future of the amusement industry lead to building an ambitious tech startup with a unique product. His brainchild, Battle Racing, combines traditional go-karting with augmented reality software that provides an interactive experience for drivers. 

In this episode, Joshua shares how his unshakable passion and vision have enabled him to overcome the challenges of being a young founder introducing a never-before-seen product to market. He discusses the roadblocks he’s faced as a black man in tech and shares tips about how he raised his seed round of investment. He also gives advice on building a team and proving that you’re the best person to make your most inventive ideas a (scalable) reality. 

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