Episode 8: Bootstrapping an online coffee company

Small Business DNA Podcast

Jerry Sanders

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About the episode

Entrepreneur Jerry Sanders started his e-commerce business, Midsouth Coffee and Tea Co., out of frustration with his usual morning coffee run. Long lines at local coffee shops and the closure of his favorite café prompted him to figure out how to get that barista-grade cup of jo at home. With many people working remotely during the pandemic, Jerry’s direct-to-consumer model took off faster than he was expecting. 

In this episode, Jerry shares how he started his business and successfully met the challenges of finding customers in a crowded market. He also talks about what it takes to quickly scale a business when you’re not an expert in every department and why building relationships needs to be at the core of your growth strategy. 

Get coffee and tea from Midsouth Coffee and Tea Co. here: https://midsouthcoffeeandtea.com

Email: jsanders@sandersed.com

Instagram: @midsouthcoffeeandtea

Twitter: @MidsouthCoffTea

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerry-sanders-789180a3/