Episode 5: Paying it forward with a coffee roasting empire

Small Business DNA Podcast

Level Ground Trading co-founder, Stacey Toews

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About the episode

Stacey Toews is the co-founder of Level Ground Trading, a coffee company that’s as serious about farmer welfare and environmental responsibility as they are about serving up an exceptional cup of jo. Stacey’s approach to a distributed leadership model and focus on creating a workplace where it’s safe to be vulnerable has helped Level Ground attract and retain exceptional talent. The company’s culture has also been a core differentiator that’s kept the company going strong in an increasingly saturated market.

On the podcast, Stacey discusses the company’s 25-year history and the challenges (and triumphs) of building a team of people who espouse Level Ground’s heart-centered core values: keep it real, always improve, uplift everyone, and love the planet.

Learn more about Level Ground Trading or find their Fairtrade certified, organic beans near you at https://levelground.com/

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