Episode 12: Developing an AI-powered tool for the construction supply chain

Small Business DNA Podcast

Forest Flager

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About the episode

Forest Flager is the co-founder and CEO of Parspec, a software solution that makes it easy for construction companies to source and procure materials and products for their projects through an e-commerce platform. Parspec is still in its early startup stages, having launched in early 2021. The company’s mission is to modernize what is still a highly manual sales and purchasing process, but their vision is to make it easier for companies to purchase more sustainable products and make an impact on housing affordability.

In this episode, Forest talks about the unique value proposition of Parspec’s solution and its potential to disrupt (and improve) the way construction interacts with the supply chain. He discusses the challenges he and his team have faced bringing their product to market and securing funding from venture capitalists.

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