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2023 Business Planning Guide

Plan for the year ahead with key business strategies for 2023. See what moves other business owners are making by exploring Fundbox's 2023 Business Planning Guide.

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Small business planning for 2023

Sit down with any small business owner and ask them to reflect on the past year—it's likely they'll have plenty to share. For many, market challenges came nearly too fast to process, while others found ways to turn these challenges into opportunities.

The way forward doesn't need to involve radical and dramatic moves. In fact, a series of small changes, built on bold but calculated risks and adaptations, is what business owners need to succeed in 2023.


Fundbox U.S. Small Business Trends Survey 2022

Small businesses are resilient drivers of innovation and economic activity in the U.S. So, when we set out to understand 2022 business challenges, and the actions business owners plan to include in their 2023 business planning, we reached out ot 1,520 small business owners to find out first hand.

Survey takers were asked about everything from their economic outlook to trust breakers when dealing with financial instituations.

This data has been incorporated into the 2023 Business Planning Guide to show small businesses how they can gain a competitive edge in today's changing market landscape.


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