Whether you need to fill one position or 100, Indeed helps you reach the people you want to hire.

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How it Works

Create an account. Receive your Sponsored Job Credit.* Post the positions you need filled.

Sponsor your job: As thousands of jobs are added to Indeed each day, free job postings lose visibility. Sponsor your job to hire great people faster: Sponsored Jobs appear for longer than non-sponsored jobs, and give you access to quality candidates right when you post.

*Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply.

How To Get Started

  • Click on this link and follow the instructions on the landing page.
  • Using your credit is simple:

    • Start by clicking the “Post Job” button on the landing page.
    • Then simply go to your jobs page, click the text marked "Sponsor Job" on the post you want to sponsor, and presto! Your job is sponsored.