The philosophy at Profit First Professionals and for all the small businesses I work with is to make profit the primary focus. The first focus. That way all the elements of your business can be “reverse engineered” into greater profitability.

Once you identify the elements of your business that are consistently profitable, you are likely staring a good investment opportunity in its face. In other words, if you borrow money today to do more of what is already profitable, you are likely to make a massive return tomorrow.

Take some time and identify what elements of your business have a predictable return on investment.  Identify what is working for your business and bringing in positive return, because that is where you can borrow money to invest further to maximize profitability.  The key to taking on debt is funding what is already proven to work.

Investing in your company’s growth inevitably requires that you borrow money or get access to outside capital. There are many forms of traditional and alternative financing out there.

For one of my businesses, Fundbox was the right solution to capture cash flow faster and redirect those funds to profitable activities. I recommend Fundbox to those that want to invest further in what is working in their business.

Mike Michalowicz is the author of Profit First, which teaches entrepreneurs to no longer put their profit last, but to once and for all put profit first. Mike is the co-founder of Profit First Professionals an international organization of accountants and bookkeepers who guide companies to great profitability, using the Profit First method.