How to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday

Author: Fundbox Team | November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving is over, and today is the day people flock to major retailers to buy items at deep discounts. This holiday season, however, we encourage you to shop at small or local businesses on Small Business Saturday, and beyond.

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express as a way to counter Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It was designed as an initiative to help boost sales and celebrate small and local businesses around the country. And this doesn’t just apply to retailers; visit any shop that sells a service, visit restaurants, and other local businesses and show your support.

Why shop small?

1. Small businesses are more likely to source materials made in the US. Because these businesses are local, they understand that locally sourced materials are key to creating more jobs for Americans.

2. Small businesses create jobs and innovate in the marketplace. Small businesses create more jobs, and they bring new and fresh ideas to the american marketplace. As one source reported, “If Small business dies, so does the American entrepreneurial spirit of reinvention and progressions.” By shopping small, you’re supporting your community by bringing business to those who are invested in the local economy.

3. Small businesses support your community. Big box stores generally aren’t run by local entrepreneurs – and those local entrepreneurs often support community causes. From community food drives, to supporting local schools, small business owners help to improve their neighborhoods.

4. Small businesses inspire future generations of entrepreneurs. How did these small businesses arise, if not from the ingenuity of men and women who saw a need and were inspired to fill that need by creating a business? Entrepreneurship is on the rise and small businesses help fuel the drive for future generations to create more small businesses. In addition, small business ownership helps employ our former military servicemen and women who transform their military leadership into good business.

For small businesses who are marketing themselves for Small Business Saturday, the SBA has a great list of ways to make the most of your holiday marketing. Read their blog, 33 Creative Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing to find out how you can maximize your marketing to get the best results.

To everyone, we wish a safe and happy holiday season. And remember the small businesses around you who fuel your community and economy.

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