RewardExpert features Greg Powell of Fundbox


This week, Greg Powell, Fundbox’s head of marketing, had a conversation with Angela Rose for RewardExpert. They talked about Funbox history, small business financing products, and why thousands of small businesses are turning to us to help with their short-term cash flow needs.

“We’ve done some data analysis across small businesses and have found that in the U.S., the average small business is waiting on $84,000 in unpaid invoices. Eighty-one percent of small business invoices are 30 days past due. When you consider that a lot of these businesses are earning total annual revenues of $300,000 to $500,000, that means over 20 percent of their year’s revenue is sitting in unpaid invoices at any given time.”

Greg also discusses two Fundbox products: Invoice Financing and Direct Draw. Both options help businesses in all industries across the country access capital when they need it. Both offer transparent fee structures, and both are quickly accessible to many small business owners.

To read the full interview, visit RewardExpert.

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