[Podcast] How a Chocolatier Pivoted During COVID

Author: Dan Biewener | September 1, 2020

Just when Endorfin Foods had solidified a niche in the competitive industry of specialty chocolate, the COVID pandemic instantly disrupted sales and distribution. In this podcast, Brian Wallace discusses the complexities of sourcing, crafting, and selling fair trade chocolate in today’s competitive and delicate marketplace. Through his experiences, Brian offers  insights on how other companies can adapt to the new normal, and he explains how a Fundbox line of credit helped provide his small business with the buying power to take advantage of a pivotal opportunity to grow.

Listen to the podcast now:

Podcast features:
00:35 — Brian Wallace, introduction to Endorfin Foods
02:43 — Cash flow challenges for chocolatiers
03:45 — The value of chocolate in the marketplace
06:27 — In-country processing of fair trade cacao
07:58 — Challenges in chocolate distribution
11:12 — Cash flow required for distribution
12:34 — How Endorfin financed their operations
14:00 — How Endorfin found Fundbox
14:35 — What stood out about Fundbox credit
16:05 — Other loan solutions Endorfin tried
16:56 — What happened when the pandemic hit
19:48 — How the chocolate industry began to recover
21:59 — How Fundbox helped Endorfin through the pandemic
23:45 — How Endorfin pivoted to adapt to COVID
26:38 — Predictions for the future of the business
27:38 — How Fundbox credit can help others in the food industry
28:36 — Chocolate for food and fair trade

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