8 Must-Listen Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

podcasts for entrepreneurs

Your morning commute can be a grind, but don’t let it be a waste of time. There are plenty of podcasts for entrepreneurs (both current and aspiring) that can give you a leg up on the competition before you get to your desk.

Whether you’re angling to build a new app or aiming to become your company’s next CEO, here’s a list of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs that will inspire you to “crush it.”

8 Must-Listen Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

  1. How to Start a Startup

    If you’re a new entrepreneur, it’s best to start at the beginning. Check out this podcast from Y Combinator president Sam Altman’s 2014 Stanford course on how to build a startup from the ground up. The recordings consist of 20 lectures from concept to late-stage concerns and features 29 graduates of the Silicon Valley-based accelerator.

  2. Powderkeg: Igniting Startups

    Working on a startup outside of the Silicon Valley scene? This new podcast features in-depth interviews on how entrepreneurs in other regions get their companies off the ground. Host Matt Hunckler interviews both financiers and entrepreneurs to suss out tips and tricks to help you start your company wherever you live.

  3. Self Made Man

    Need a pep talk? Look no further than this podcast, which focuses on self improvement for the entrepreneur. Geared toward men, the podcasts highlight topics such as business and finance. The show also doles out advice on finding love, maintaining relationships and how to stay healthy while building a business.

  4. The Tim Ferriss Show

    What’s more inspirational than success stories? Angel investor Tim Ferriss interviews top talent, including Marc Andreessen, Malcolm Gladwell, Reid Hoffman, Jon Favreau, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jamie Foxx. The guests break down what strategies pushed them to the top and provide tips that you can use in your own life.

  5. The Twenty Minute VC

    Preparing to pitch your business idea to investors? Then this is the podcast for you. Every week, host Harry Stebbings quizzes two high-profile venture capitalists and asks them what they’re looking for in a budding business. The podcast prides itself on bringing you a lot of information in a short amount of time—perfect for a lunch break or short commute.

  6. The Growth Show

    Are you few years into your business and you’re looking to take it to the next level? Take a listen to The Growth Show. The program talks to entrepreneurs who have done it all before and what they did to build up their company.

  7. Social Pros

    This podcast covers how to sell your company on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Each week, the hosts interview a top-notch social media strategist to talk about the biggest trends in social media marketing.

  8. This Week in Startups

    Keep up with the competition and discover new ideas with this podcast that brings you up-to-date news on what’s going on in the world of technology. The podcast covers the current events and rumors driving the startup world.

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