July Media Roundup: FinTech 250, New Podcast, and More


This month, several Fundbox executives made the news. Here’s where you can find the latest news from Fundbox, and hear from several of our company leaders on the future of banking, small business credit, and more.

The Fintech 250: The Tech Startups Redefining The Financial Services Industry

At the start of the month, CB Insights released their Fintech 250, and Fundbox is thrilled to be on the list.

What’s the Fintech 250? According to CB Insights, it’s “a list of 250 of the most promising private companies applying a mix of software and technology to transform the financial services industry.”

In a press release, CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal said: “The financial services industry will see more change in the next 10 years than it has in the last 100. And that transformation is being driven by a group of smart insurgent startup companies. The Fintech 250 are the most promising of these insurgents. They are bringing emerging technologies and business models to financial services that will permanently change the way we handle money and do business.”

Get the full Fintech 250 list here.

The CB Insights Fintech 250 2018

The CB Insights Fintech 250 – Click to enlarge

Forbes: What Banks Can Learn From The Happiest Place On Earth

This month, Sebastian Rymarz, who is Chief Business Officer for Fundbox (overseeing Marketing, Sales, Business and Corporate Development), published a new article in Forbes: “What Banks Can Learn From The Happiest Place On Earth.”

In the article, he points out how major consumer brands (like Disney, for example) are using data in new and creative ways to better personalize customer experiences. The banking industry, he says, could learn a lot from the example of forward-thinking consumer brands when it comes to the innovative application of behavioral data.

In a recent global study, a majority of those surveyed claimed that “they would switch brands or vendors if communications weren’t personalized.”

According the Rymarz, the message is clear: “Consumers have demanded a more intimate, individualized experience. Consumer brands like Disney are responding to that desire with AI-enabled, behavior-based personalization of experiences in real-time. Translated to the world of banking, providing a more individualized experience for customers means providing services that are available when and where users are at all times—and one that is tailored to their preferences whenever they are logged in.”

Read the full article on Forbes.

Small Business Edge: Small Business and Credit

Rose Zhong on Small Business Edge

Rose Zhong, VP for Finance at Fundbox, made a guest appearance on episode 9 of the Small Business Edge podcast.

For this episode, she chatted with host Brian Moran about small business credit, how to manage it, and how small business owners should think about their long-term credit strategies in the context of running their companies. Rose and Brian also examine some of the most common mistakes that business owners make, and the importance of maintaining good credit.

You can find the Small Business Edge podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts. You can also read about it here on the Small Business Edge blog.

Small-Biz Talks: Fundbox on Small Business Lending

Greg Powell, Fundbox head of brand and product marketing, on ValuePenguin

ValuePenguin, a personal and business finance website, dedicated to exploring and explaining financial topics to help people make better decisions, interviewed Greg Powell, Head of Brand and Product Marketing at Fundbox.

Greg talked about the underwriting and application process, the small-business lending space, and the alternative financing options Fundbox provides to small business owners. Among the topics covered was the important choice facing every small business owner of where, when, and how to choose a source of business funding. Options include invoice financing, invoice factoring, merchant cash advances, lines of credit, and conventional term loans—all of which have their pros, cons, and special considerations.

Finally, Greg discusses some of the most common mistakes he sees small business owners make when it comes to business financing, and how to avoid them.

Read the full interview in ValuePenguin.

Fundbox is Hiring

Fundbox SF - We're hiring!

Fundbox SF – Work with us!

Finally, Fundbox is hiring! Our team is growing fast and we want you to be part of it. If you’re interested in joining our quest to help business owners across the country gain new financial power, we want to hear from you.

Check out our many job openings in Analytics, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, and more, in both San Francisco and Tel Aviv, here on our Careers page.

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