5 Secrets to Getting the Most from LinkedIn

get more from linkedin

Is LinkedIn the forgotten stepchild of your digital marketing strategy? With 380 million users worldwide, you’d be remiss not to give LinkedIn the attention it deserves. In fact, according to Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 96 percent of the businesses surveyed use social media marketing and 71 percent of those use LinkedIn. Of the LinkedIn users, B2B companies say it’s their number-one social media platform, and all those surveyed—all!—plan to use LinkedIn even more in the future.

So, how can you make LinkedIn work for your business? Here are five ways to make sure you’re getting the best results for your efforts:

  1. Do your homework. Start at the source and find out what features and tips LinkedIn offers to help small businesses grow. LinkedIn’s small business experts offer ways to brand, connect, market, sell, build your reputation and more. Plus, you can download free ebooks with detailed information on improving your LinkedIn results.
  2. Look like you mean business. The first thing users will see on your Company Page is your logo, header image and “about” information. If your logo is complicated, it might be time to do a redesign. It’s best to use a high-res, simple and recognizable logo, as the logo will appear next to all your posts. Make sure your “About” information is updated regularly. Likewise, make it a point to change your header image periodically to keep your page dynamic. Social media users love images, so use something eye-catching from a recent event or marketing campaign.
  3. Go the extra step. Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page where you can highlight a new product line or service. You can also use Showcase to create targeted pages for specific clients or customers. But don’t waste your time—Showcase Pages don’t make sense for businesses with only one product or service.
  4. Posts with the most. Yes, it is possible to write a non-boring SEO-friendly headline. Think informative and engaging. Then, post often about your company’s news or trends going on in your industry. Welcome a new hire or a new client and always try to include a call to action—even if it’s just to learn more by directing readers to your website. Better yet, ask a question that’s a conversation starter or take a poll. Look for relevant videos to post to attract our YouTube-crazy culture.
  5. Spend and test. Linked in offers several paid options to enhance your LinkedIn reach. With each solution come analytics to help you determine which method or methods work best for your business.

    • Sponsored Posts get more traction by appearing in all LinkedIn feeds, not just those following your company page.
    • Ad opportunities exist as either straight ads designed and targeted by you and will appear on prominent pages that fall within the parameters of your target audience. These ads are paid on a CPC or CPM basis. You can also use LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Display Ads; these guarantee inventory and delivery.
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a new CRM feature to help businesses find and organize prospects.

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