4 Ways to Hire the Right People for Your Small Business

Author: Justin Reynolds | May 14, 2016

Founders may create companies, but employees build them.

Just like you’d want the best mason in the world to build a stone wall on your property, small business owners want the best engineers and coders to build their platforms. They want their companies to be staffed with the best salespeople, the best HR professionals, and the best copywriters.

How exactly can you ensure you’re hiring the right folks? Here are four tips that should improve your odds of filling positions with the best candidates possible.

1. Articulate your vision as clearly as possible

Hiring the right people starts with excellent communication. The more honest and transparent you are about your company, its work culture, and the position itself during the interview process, the more likely you’ll find candidates who are the right fit.

If your entire staff routinely works deep into the night, for example, don’t deceive prospective employees by telling them everyone leaves the office at 5 PM every day. Being upfront and letting applicants know that employees are known to log long hours will help weed out candidates who are looking for less laborious employers.

2. Use unconventional hiring methods

Imagine you’ve created a small digital agency that helps companies with their content marketing initiatives. You need a graphic designer to create infographics for your clients. Rather than going through the traditional time-consuming interview process with several candidates, consider asking them to complete an assignment instead. Send them data and instructions to see what they come up with.

You need employees who can do what’s stated on their resume—and more! Taking this approach gives you a sneak preview of what you could expect if you hired each applicant.

3. To hire the right people, never stop hiring

You never know when an ideal candidate will become interested in your company. The last thing you want is to turn a talented and eager individual away before giving them a chance.

Millennial workers will have as many as 20 jobs over the course of their careers, which means it’s only a matter of time before one of your employees puts in their two-week notice. By taking a more aggressive approach to hiring by entertaining conversations with prospective employees on a continuous basis, you can be much more confident you’ll make a strong hiring decision whenever a new position opens up.

4. Don’t be stingy with compensation and benefits

Attracting the best candidates and hiring the right people starts with having competitive compensation packages. The best and brightest know that their talents are in high demand, so they’ll sniff out the best offers. If your business isn’t prepared to invest in your employees, you’ll have a hard time luring the hardest and most creative workers. Be generous within reason, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Don’t forget that it costs a lot of money to replace employees. Businesses pay anywhere from 30% to 50% of a low-level employee’s salary to find their replacement; they pay up to 150% of a mid-level employee’s salary to do the same. The more generous you are with salaries and benefits, the more likely your employees will be to stick around. In addition to being able to leverage their talents for a longer period of time, you’ll also save money on the backend by eliminating replacement costs.

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