3 Great Marketing Ideas for Your Pool Business


Consumers who own pools eagerly await summer’s arrival so they can go swimming, making now the best time to market your pool products and services. Here are three marketing tips you can take implement immediately to build your pool business.

1. Video marketing

A recent study done by comScore and YouTube, commissioned by Google, shows video content engagement is highly effective, especially to millennials (ages 18–34 in this survey). Not only do millennials prefer watching online videos to TV, 62 percent of them report taking action after viewing an ad in video content and 47 percent say they pay more attention when viewing personalized video ads. In addition, a study by eyeviewdigital.com shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80 percent.

That means you should be running videos on your website. There are plenty of topics that lend themselves to video for the pool business. Here are some ideas:

  • Quick pool-cleaning tips with demonstrations using your products
  • Pool landscaping ideas
  • Pool safety tips
  • Tour of a recent pool upgrade or refurbishing
  • Introduce your staff
  • Tips for maintaining a pool between cleanings
  • Highlight new products

It’s easy to record a video using a smartphone or other mobile device. To test the effectiveness of videos on your site, do a pilot program and create a few on your own. Then, if they’re working, you can get more sophisticated and outsource video production to an expert. Test different video lengths to see which ones your customers like most. Ask your customers for their suggestions for video content or have them submit videos of their own. You could even host a monthly video contest.

2. Social media marketing

Chances are your customers use social media and would follow or friend you if you asked them. Include reminders in their monthly invoices. Put social links on your website. Using pictures in social posts increases engagement and click-through rates, so have your staff take pictures of customers’ pools and surrounding landscape (with their permission, of course). Inspirational quotes are a popular sharing post (especially on Pinterest and Twitter), and you can find lots of great quotes about water and summer by doing a quick search online. Use social media to send coupons and other promotions for product or service discounts, ideas for pool party themes, reminders of weather changes, and maintenance tips.

3. Referral marketing

Sixty-five percent of new business comes from referrals. Be proactive and ask your satisfied customers for referrals, recommendations, and testimonials. Ask for referrals when sending your invoices or via social media. Let your customers know which ratings and recommendations sites you’re listed on to make it easy for them to recommend you. Finally, make it worthwhile by offering a discount for referrals that lead to new business or send a thank-you with a gift card letting your clients know you appreciate their referrals.

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