12 Time Tracking Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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Every small business owner we know struggles with finding enough time to get everything done. Tracking your time is a great way to improve productivity because it can help you identify time sinks, like time-consuming tasks you consistently under-estimate, or time you may often forget to account for in your schedule.

Getting more accurate information about how you spend your time can then help you get the most out of it. Armed with better data, you can rearrange your to-do list, leverage your most productive time of day, and create more accurate estimates in the future.

To start tracking your time and improving your productivity, try one of these twelve time tracking apps.

  1. Bill4Time – Track your time from anywhere with laptop, tablet, and smartphone versions of this time tracking app. Bill4Time can also create invoices and enable you to offer clients a variety of online payment options so you get paid faster.
  2. Chrometa – This app is described as a “passive” timekeeper because it works in the background on your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android without having to start or stop timers. Chrometa also includes invoicing and billing, and integrates with QuickBooks.
  3. Easy Time Tracking – Designed for teams and freelancers, this app includes an automated time tracker, timesheets for your team, invoicing, and project and task management. It includes a downloadable version for Windows users as well as an online app that syncs via the Cloud.
  4. Everhour – A web-based time tracking app created especially for teams. The app is focused on collaboration and task management and includes task dashboards, detailed time reports, team calendars, and invoicing with Xero. Everhour also integrates with FreshBooks, Trello, Basecamp, and others.
  5. Fanurio – This app is available for downloading on all platforms, and includes the ability to track time, manage projects, and invoice clients seamlessly. It also includes filters and reports to help you analyze how your business spends time so you can improve your bottom line.
  6. Freckle – An online time tracking app that provides bank-grade security and hourly backups of your data. Some of Freckle’s best features include unlimited projects, extensive reporting, expense tracking, mobile access, and integration with QuickBooks, Basecamp, and others.
  7. Harvest – Harvest tracks time from your laptop, iPhone, Android, and even the Apple Watch. In addition to tracking time, this tool creates invoices and accepts online payments, tracks expenses, and integrates with more than 70 other business apps.
  8. Paydirt – A time tracking tool that includes one-click time tracking, budget management, reminders, integration with other apps, online invoicing, online payments, and reporting. Pay dirt also works well with teams and collaboration.
  9. Paymo – This time tracking app helps you manage your time spent on projects with the goal of becoming more productive. Paymo features include automatic time tracking, desktop and mobile apps, invoice and estimate generation, expense tracking, online collaboration, and file sharing.
  10. Rescue Time – An app that works on a Mac, PC, Android, and Linux to help users get an accurate idea of how time is spent. Features include detailed reports, weekly email summaries, goal setting and tracking, and productivity scoring.
  11. TSheets – TSheets is an employee time tracking software for business. TSheets simplifies payroll, invoicing, job costing and more with mobile timesheet apps & reporting dashboard that easily integrates with QuickBooks.
  12. Toggl – Toggl tracks your time anywhere on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux by syncing your data in real-time. Users get an unlimited number of projects and clients, dashboards, time reports, and offline time tracking.

Time tracking can help small business owners in many ways from increasing productivity, streamlining the invoicing process and helping manage remote teams.

Do you use time management apps in your business? Which one do you recommend?

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