How Today’s Top Apparel Brands Succeed with Trade Credit

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How can your apparel brand use credit as a competitive advantage?

The world of apparel brands and lifestyle businesses is complex. If you study how today’s apparel and lifestyle brands operate, and you’ll find that even among successful brands of similar sizes, there’s a great deal of variety in how trade credit programs work, and how business gets done.

As a professional working in apparel sales and credit, you have to create new relationships and find new channels to distribute your brand. Often, that means juggling multiple systems and communication channels, while making decisions about who to trust.

We sat down with Directors of Sales and Credit at successful apparel and lifestyle brands including Keen Footwear, VF Outdoor, Sunski, and more and asked them to share their secrets. The result is this whitepaper.

How to make trade credit your competitive advantage

Inside, you’ll learn what makes their organizations run smoothly and how they use their trade credit programs to:

  • Make bigger sales;
  • Get wider retail distribution for their brands;
  • Earn more re-orders from their existing retail partners; and
  • Stay competitive in a brutally competitive industry.

There are so many systems and tools out there for managing your trade credit program. In this whitepaper, we also explain the new technology solutions that may help you streamline this part of your business.

Fintech innovations like Fundbox Pay are helping eliminate credit inefficiencies in a competitive apparel landscape like never before, and you’ll want to take advantage. To do that effectively, learn how other industry leaders and emerging players are using new technology to sell more, faster, and use trade credit as a powerful tool to win and grow retail business.

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