How to Create Interesting Content When Everything Has Been Done


When you are actively involved in content marketing, especially if you have a blog, you understand the importance of creating unique and interesting content on a consistent basis. But that’s not always easy, is it? Sometimes, it seems like everything has been written, and every idea has been shared. When this happens, it’s time to get creative so you can shake up the norm in content marketing and develop a few new and engaging blog post ideas.

1. Make It Personal
Broad and general topics may have been written about many time before, but only you can share ideas and perspectives that are personal to you. Use this to your advantage by adding a personal element to your content to make it instantly unique. Write a blog post that allows a peek into who you are and what you think. Sharing a personal opinion, especially on a popular topic, can make for very engaging content.

2. Approach It from Another Angle
Many blog posts focus on how to do something, but could you get the same useful information across with a different approach? Instead of a standard how-to blog post, try to highlight mistakes to avoid, or things not to do, in order to create content that provides guidelines on how to do something in a new way. A “top mistakes to avoid” post is a great example of approaching content from a new angle.

3. Update Content Based on Your Expertise
If you have been creating content for a while, you have certainly learned things along the way. Your experiences have shaped who you are and how you think of things. When you are stuck trying to come up with new content ideas, consider taking an old blog post and updating it based on your new experiences and viewpoints. You may even be able to transform one old post into a series based on what you know now that you didn’t know then.

4. Repackage Existing Content
Another way to leverage older content to create new and interesting content is to repurpose it in a different format. If you have a regular blog post, try sharing the same content in a video or infographic format. This type of repurposing content works especially well with posts that have performed well in the past.

5. Bring in a New Voice
Sometimes, when faced with lack of new ideas for content, it can help to incorporate a new voice on your blog. You can do this on a consistent level by bringing a new writer onto your team who contributes on a weekly or monthly basis. If your budget doesn’t allow for paying new writers to contribute on a regular basis, you can bring in new voices by allowing guests to post on your blog.

Next time you face writer’s block because it seems like all of your great blog post ideas have already been done, try one of the ideas above. Creating engaging content can sometimes take some extra creativity, but once you get started, you may be surprised how many new ideas come to you.

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