Were you hit by Hurricane Michael?


Special message for customers affected by Hurricane Michael

Over the past few days, the tropical storm known as Hurricane Michael hit the coast of Florida as well as parts of Georgia, North Carolina, and other areas hard, leaving destruction and injuries behind it. During this difficult time, we want to reach out to any affected customers.

As we did after Hurricane Florence, we are currently offering our customers affected by Hurricane Michael some temporary relief from their Fundbox payments.

If you are a Fundbox customer affected by Hurricane Michael, we encourage you to contact us at (800) 493-0419. Our team is here to help you! We will do whatever we can to reduce the stress of the repayment schedule for you so you can get your business back to normal.

You may receive an email from the Fundbox disaster relief team about this issue. Every situation is different, so if you need assistance or have questions about your account, please give us a call.

Want to help others who were affected by Hurricane Michael?

If you were not personally affected, that’s great news. If you would like to help others who were, here are a few resources.

Please note that Fundbox is not affiliated with any of these organizations; this is just a helpful starting point.

  • Here is the Charity Navigator guide to organizations collecting donations for those harmed by Hurricane Michael.
  • Direct Relief is a highly-rated charity organization that supports more than 190 health facilities in the storm’s path, located throughout Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.
  • All Hands and Hearts is another highly-rated charity organization with direct response teams in place. You can read about their Hurricane Michael response programs here.

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