Want to be a Fundbox guest contributor? Then we want to hear from you. We’re always looking for interesting, original content that will help small business owners succeed.

If you’ve got an idea you’d like to see on the Fundbox blog, fill out our guest contributor submission form here.

What We’re Looking For

At the heart of everything we do is our desire to help small business owners improve their financial knowledge and securing their futures. Publishing and promoting great content is an important part of that mission.

With that in mind, here are specific topics and items that we accept:

  • Marketing, growth and ROI
  • Financing and credit use cases
  • Apps and tools
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Business technology
  • Any challenges specific to running a small business
  • Case studies: unique stories about businesses using credit, or using Fundbox products specifically
  • Infographics, relating to small business and any of the above (more details below)

Quality and Content Guidelines

At Fundbox, we strive to communicate in a straightforward, transparent, and helpful manner. We ask that guest contributors write detailed, clear, and thoughtful articles.

We are looking for content that is unique and unpublished; nothing rewritten or re-posted from another blog. If your article is accepted, please do not re-publish it on your own blog or anywhere else until at least a month has passed.

Articles should contain specific, actionable tips, advice, or other specific takeaways, wherever applicable.

We welcome opinions, predictions, or contrarian thoughts–as long as you are able to back them up! Use supporting evidence, links and data.

We are not looking for “general” or generic small business topics right now. There are tons of other great blogs about those. Instead, we’d like guest contributions to focus on the particular niche, industry, or region that you know best.

Details About Article Submissions

  • Target length: 700 words to 1,500 words. If you’d like to submit something longer, mention your target length in your topic submission and we can talk about it.
  • Image Requirements: You’re welcome to include an original image that you own, or suggest a stock image. We may select one for you, up to our discretion.
  • Linking Requirements: We will feature up to two “dofollow” in-content links to meaningful content (no sales pages or homepages). Anchor text must be generic and must not be keyword based.  We’ll add one homepage link in your author bio. We will remove any irrelevant links our discretion.
  • Community contribution: If we select your topic and publish your article, we ask that you check back and respond to any comments during the first month after publication.

Details About Infographics

If you’d like to submit an infographic or an idea for one, please use the same submission form. Instead of providing examples of links to past articles, you can also link to past infographics you’ve created.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Write copy that adds value: Infographics should contain at least 200 words of copy that explains and adds value to the infographic.
  • Use clean design: Graphics should be easy to read and understand, with plenty of white space.
  • Cite strong sources: All data and information used in an infographic should come from reputable sources, with footnotes or citations.

Here’s an example of an infographic that we like, created using our own data.

Other Media: Audio, Video, More

Got an idea for a podcast, video content or other media? Want to submit an idea or suggest a collaboration? Feel free to submit those ideas, too. The more creative, the better.

Remember, similar requirements apply. No matter what the format, your content should be well-researched, clear, and should provide value to our target audience of small business owners.

Ready to Submit Your Idea?

Awesome. Head over to the Fundbox guest contributor form and fill it out. If your idea is a good fit, you’ll hear from us. Please note that we get a large volume of submissions, so we may not be able to respond right away. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Author: Fundbox Team

Published: January 8, 2016