The Fastest Way to Get an Advance on Invoices


Does your small business have a stack of unpaid invoices that has been collecting dust for some time? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. According to our data, 64% of small business owners regularly deal with late payments. It comes with the territory.

The good news is that instead of taking on additional debt to cover your expenses and otherwise grow your business, you can put your outstanding invoices to use by utilizing modern financial solutions. If you’re looking for an advance on invoices, look no further than Fundbox, an invoice financing service that allows you to access the money you’re owed at your own convenience. There aren’t any contracts to sign or obligations to fulfill. Clear the invoices you want when you need cash—it’s as simple as that.

The best part? It’s incredibly easy and fast. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a free account in a few minutes. It’s free and easy!
  2. Connect your bookkeeping app and your business checking account. We’ve partnered with a number of bookkeeping apps and continue to add support for additional services.
  3. Once approved (takes less than a day!), click on the invoice(s) you want to be cleared. You can access your account from your desktop or our mobile app. So long as you’re connected, you can clear invoices from anywhere.
  4. Cash is then sent to your checking account as fast as one business day. You won’t have to wait long to put your cash to use.
  5. You then have 12 to 24 weeks to repay the advance, plus a small fee which is determined by the health of your business, the size of the invoice in question, and your customer history. If you’re able to repay the full advance ahead of the due date, any remaining fees will be waived.

Unlike other forms of funding, small business owners can use Fundbox to get an advance on their invoices even if they have suboptimal credit scores. There aren’t any limitations, either. Once the money is in your account, you can spend it as you see fit.

There’s no sense in taking on debt that affects your credit score when you’re waiting on checks to come in. With Fundbox, you can put your unpaid invoices to work for you right away. Once your cash flow problems are solved, the sky’s the limit. To learn more about invoice financing can help grow your business, check out our e-book, “6 Hidden Benefits of Improving Your Cash Flow.”

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