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Direct Draw, Fundbox business credit expansion.

First of all, we thought that it might be useful to maintain a few selected articles following the recent release of Direct Draw. Furthermore, we feel that these articles add some background color and an important insight in to Fundbox, for anyone who can ever use additional business credit to potentially help grow their business. These articles consequently discuss topics around “How business credit is currently assessed?” and “How Fundbox technology changes the game by offering competitive terms without requiring FICO to apply for Fundbox Credit™?”.

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6/13/17 on PYNMTS Financial Magazine. from Eyal Shinar, Fundbox CEO:

“We keep a few principles,” he explained. “First, it is very fast and a clean user experience [when people apply for credit and when they use their business credit]. Second, you’re not required to provide any FICO score.” Source:

Read more about How much more flexible and user friendly we are now comparing to how we were before on


6/13/17, BizJournals Financial Pages. Our Personal Story

“Fundbox founder and CEO knows the challenges of running a small business firsthand, as a teenager watching his mom run a staffing service. ‘As a small business, you’re fighting against the world,’ he said.” Source:

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6/13/17, American Banker Magazine:

“Fundbox opens its platform to more small businesses.” Source:

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6/13/17, the Crowdfund Insider

“According to [Fundbox], the Direct Draw product allows small businesses to easily apply for credit with just a business bank account, without requiring their personal credit to get started.”

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6/13/17, Fundbox Small Business Graph,

Small Business Trends spoke with Prashant Fuloria, CPO at Fundbox, about Direct Draw.

“Any other financial institution that extends credit to a small business relies in some way, shape or form on personal credit.”

Why FICO is not always the best anchor for making  business credit decision?

“Their FICO scores can be less than stellar while their business is actually very robust,” he says.

So how is Fundbox business credit decision different?

Fundbox clients using Direct Draw only need their business bank account to get started. Company algorithms look at the numbers there to make a decision. In Fundbox’s case, multiple data sources are used to collect information which in turn goes into the Small Business Graph.

“We don’t have a traditional underwriting team,” Fuloria says. “There are no traditional underwriters at Fundbox.”

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This is just a fast selection of articles that caught our attention. We hope you enjoy the reading and look forward to know you better.

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