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Report: WHAT IF

Designing fair and equal access to credit for women
A report on the state of the credit gap for female entrepreneurs in the U.S. and how financial technology firms can help create a fairer future.

WHAT IF all business owners had fair and equal access to credit?

Women are an economic powerhouse. In the United States, female entrepreneurs and their businesses grow significantly in influence and sales with each passing year.

Yet history shows that women business owners have faced more and greater obstacles compared to men in their quest to obtain credit and secure investment. Inequities in today's financial landscape remain and are often exacerbated by financial institutions in their methods for determining creditworthiness.

In this report:

  • The rise of female entrepreneurs and why it matters
  • How traditional credit approvals shut out women
  • The credit gap between male and female entrepreneurs
  • Why technology is helping level the playing field
  • How financial firms can help create a fairer future





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About this report

"We need to continue to break down barriers. Women are resilient and are starting more businesses. We need to help women get more loans and seed capital."

Linda McMahon

Administrator of the

Small Business Administration