Fundbox may share my Personal and Business Information, as defined in the Fundbox Privacy Policy, as well as the results of my credit evaluation, with the company that referred me to Fundbox.

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Buy from GoVets now,
pay later

We've partnered with Fundbox to offer you interest-free net-30 terms. Just apply for Fundbox once, and if approved, you'll get net terms on all your subsequent business purchases with us, up to your credit limit.


Buy now, pay later

Get interest-free net-30 terms on any purchase, up to your terms' limit.

Boost your purchasing power

Share some basic information to potentially qualify for up to $100,000.

Sign up quickly

Applying will not affect your credit and there's no FICO pull required.

How It Works

Say you want to make a purchase for $1000.

1. You place an order with us as usual.

We send you an invoice with the option to pay using Fundbox net terms.

2. You complete the order.

When you complete the order, Fundbox sends us $1000 from your credit line so we get paid right away. You get 30 days to pay Fundbox with no interest or fees.

3. You pay Fundbox.

You pay Fundbox anytime before the net 30 terms end. There's no penalty for paying early. After 30 days, you'll automatically be charged.



Fundbox is trusted by over 100,000 small businesses.