You Can Still Achieve Your 2015 Goals

Author: Brian Moran | October 5, 2015

As I write this post, we are entering the final three months of 2015. If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably saying “where did the time go?” That’s what happens to entrepreneurs who spend the majority of their days in the weeds of their businesses. They can only see a few feet in front of them, and deal with the day-to-day problems rather than the larger issues facing their companies.

If you put together a plan for 2015 at the end of last year but haven’t looked at it since filing it away in a cabinet, all is not lost. Here are four ways that you can salvage the year and hit your goals.

  • Review the Initial Plan: Where did you expect to be at the end of 2015? Did you create a specific goal for your business (e.g. $500,000 in revenue, 20 new clients)? If yes, how close are you to the goal?
  • Review Your Year-to-Date: What are your biggest wins this year? How about your losses? Were there any other surprises, good or bad, in 2015? Did you win or lose a big account? Did you hire a superstar or lose one to the competition? Were there any other significant factors that brought you to where you are now?
  • Write a 90-Day Plan: If you count the final three months, there are exactly 92 total days remaining in 2015. Given the number of remaining holidays, how many days, realistically, do you have to achieve your goals? Put together a mini-plan that focuses on the best possible opportunities to bring in new business, and get additional business from existing clients. You also want to focus on expenses—are you over or under for the year? Does it make sense to trim expenses in certain areas or hold off on purchasing new items for the company until 2016? Saving money is just as important to your company as bringing in more revenue.
  • Set up Three Monthly Meetings: Don’t allow your mini plan to gather dust in the final three months of the year. Set up monthly meetings with key members of your team (e.g. top salespeople, your accountant, and business advisor) to review your progress. The best chance you have to achieve your goals this year is to stay focused on executing the mini 90-day plan.

Bonus Tip: If you struggled to stay focused on your plan of action in 2015, don’t let that prevent you from creating a new plan for 2016. As I was once told about my repeated failures to keep my New Year’s resolutions, just because you fell down one step doesn’t mean you need to fall down EVERY step. Get back up, dust yourself off, and start walking again.

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