Why and How to Write Attention Grabbing Blog Headlines

Author: Caron Beesley | August 19, 2015

Like perfecting your email subject line, creating a compelling and clickable blog headline is the most important aspect of authoring a blog. No matter how informative your blog article is, your headline is your one chance to pique your reader’s interest. Come up with a doozy headline and your readers will never get past it.

So what kinds of headlines grab the most attention? Here are some interesting stats from Conductor on blog headlines and what makes the reader click:

  • 80% of readers never make it past the headline.
  • The more explicit the headline is as to the reader take away, the more the headline resonates.
  • Traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on the headline.
  • Numbered headlines resonate the most. Think of the Buzzfeed model: “26 Boozy Milkshakes that Know how to Party” or “22 of the Coolest Places to get Married in America”. Buzzfeed’s headlines compel you to click, even if you woke up that morning completely uninterested in the topic.
  • One out of five people don’t mind if you yell at them. Whether you use all capital letters or adopt the doomsday approach (“5 Ways to Organize your Email before Your First Heart Attack”), it’s kind of surprising that a lot of people like that approach!

How to Create a Great Blog Headline
Based on these insights, here are a few takeaways and recommendations for creating an attention-grabbing blog headline:

  • You need to invest in your headline. Period.
  • Be explicit about what your content does and doesn’t do so that it resonates with your target audience.
  • Don’t forget search. Aspire to write headlines that jump out of the page in search results. Try for yourself. Search Google for a topic that closely aligns with yours and see what other headlines are out there and which appeal to you the most, then adopt a similar style or approach.
  • Make use of blog title generators. If you need help creating a compelling and eye-catching blog title, blog title generators can help. Even if you have a title in mind, these free online tools can help tweak it and refine it based on your keywords.

One of my favorites and perhaps the most comprehensive is Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Simply enter your topic or keywords and the tool will generate hundreds of headline options in various styles including lists, how to’s, questions, secrets, business, snarky, problem-solving, motivational, even celebrity-name drop headlines! Another favorite is Generate SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles & Kill Writer’s Block from Inbound Now.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator is another option, although this one is positioned more as a topic idea generator, it works just as well for creating headlines.

  • Don’t forget to test. One of the best ways to gauge which headlines resonate with your audience is to test them. There are a few ways to do this. For instance, you can test on social media (read How to Test Blog Titles with Twitter from Social Media Examiner) or you can install a plug into your content management system and do some A/B testing to test different titles (here’s one for WordPress).

Good luck!

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