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Author: Irene Malatesta | January 9, 2010

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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Payments and Credit Solutions

There’s plenty of opportunity for disruption in the B2B payment sector. The winners in this space will generate a ton of revenue. At the same time, business owners across all sectors will benefit from faster payments, better customer experiences, reclaimed time, improved organizational efficiency, and a whole lot more. To help business owners like you navigate an evolving B2B payment landscape, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about business-to-business transactions. Read the guide.

Late payments? Consider These 5 Strategies to Win in the Net Terms Economy

Buy now and pay later—much, much later. Many freelancers and small businesses face this classic scenario daily. Late invoice payments can lead to cash flow constraints, hinder everyday operations, and even affect the expansion and success of your entire business. The good news is, there are some strategies you can use to reduce late payments and protect your business. As a business owner, what are your options when trying to battle the curse of late client payments, and why is it so important? Read the article.

When Should You Consider Incorporating Your Small Business?

When you first start a business, you don’t have to give too much thought to your legal structure, especially if you’re the boss and the only employee. Still, at some point, you may want to change your sole proprietorship to a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). To help you decide whether you should incorporate or become an LLC, it’s important that you understand the advantages to both your current sole proprietorship as well as a corporate or LLC structure. Read the article.

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