Top 6 Reasons to Write an E-Book

Author: Gina Hall | February 19, 2016

Write an e-book? But you’re not a writer, you’re a businessperson, right? Wrong. You’re now both. To compete in today’s dog-eat-dog business world, it’s imperative to take advantage of every opportunity that’s available. Today, one of those opportunities is becoming an author. And here’s why you want to.

Establish Expertise
A primary reason for writing a book is to establish your credibility as an expert on the subject you’re covering. Whether you’re writing about digital marketing or door-to-door selling, the wisdom you’ve acquired through experience is worth sharing. If you can demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about, you will gain a following and become a thought leader in your field. If nothing else, being an author looks good on a resume.

Increase Online Presence
Google yourself. Go ahead, don’t be shy. That’s what everyone else is doing to you, so you may want to know what they’re seeing. What does your online presence say about you? Does it say you take a lot of vacations? Does it say you know a lot about sci-fi movies? Or does it say more about someone else with your same name? From a professional standpoint, none of these are very good for your brand. Write a book, then market the heck out of it and others will see the side of you that you hope to project.

Increase Traffic to your Website
The e-book is just the beginning. Ideally, it should be sending the reader back to your website to learn more about your, or for more nuggets of wisdom, or for a deal on your products or services, or to engage further on the subject matter. Whatever the reason, the point is that you are increasing your site’s clout and getting real engagement from prospects.

Feed your email list
As a prerequisite of obtaining the book, ask for the buyer’s name and email. Giving out an email is rarely a deal-breaker, and if you offer an incentive, it will entice that person further. Now, that person has expressed an interest in your business knowledge and has provided you with contact information.

Demand for e-books
There is a rapidly growing e-book market that you should tap into now. Nearly every person under the age of 65 now reads material online, whether it’s on a tablet, a smartphone or whatever. The ubiquity of this digital content, furthermore, is not being consumed in one’s recliner on weekends; people read in line at the grocery store, at work and, as ridiculous as it sounds, even while driving. The point is, there is significant interest in e-books on all manners of topics. You needn’t be William Faulkner, either, as the expectations have been lowered in this age of online content.

Inexpensive to produce
e are the days of prohibitively expensive publishing, which resulted in only a handful of well-known experts and “experts” being able to deliver a message to the larger public. The beauty of e-publishing is the price. It’s so cheap, in fact, that after considering all of the good reasons to write that book, you have to seriously ask yourself why you wouldn’t.

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