The Faces of Fundbox

Author: Gabrielle Gulo | May 2, 2016

Happy National Small Business Week!

We’re proud to help tens of thousands of small businesses across the United States achieve their dreams. From law firms to agencies, manufacturers to event planners—and more—Fundbox has become a fundamental part of their narrative. Every small business faces these issues:

  • Uneven cash flow
  • Invoicing delays
  • Unpredictable payments
  • Surging seasonal revenues and expenses
  • Lack of access to capital
  • Making payments on time, such as payroll and rent

Fundbox is here to help you with these and any other challenges: That’s why we want to celebrate you and your small business! Share your Fundbox story on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter with the hashtag #FundboxFaces and we might send you some freebies—and feature you in a personal editorial piece like the ones below.


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How Proof Interactive Uses Fundbox to Get Even More Creative


How IDK Events Uses Fundbox to Stay Cash Flow Positive During Busy Season

Tweet your story or share it on Facebook—just make sure to use #FundboxFaces!

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