10 San Francisco Small Businesses That Are Changing the City

Author: Justin Reynolds | May 25, 2016

It’s no secret that San Francisco is home to an impressive number of small businesses that are truly making a difference. In honor of San Francisco Small Business Week, we thought we’d shine a light on 10 small businesses that are doing their part to improve the city—and the world.

1. Slack

Slack is a collaboration platform that’s currently valued at $3.8 billion. The platform, which seeks to eliminate or reduce reliance on email, centralizes team communication, allowing workers to stay in the loop no matter where they happen to be.

2. Imgur

Where would we be without pictures of cats on the internet? Imgur, an image sharing service, has entertained countless folks since its inception in 2009.

3. GitHub

Programmers use GitHub to store and share their software projects so they can collaborate with other developers. The site boasts 14 million users.

4. Parenthoods

Being a new parent is overwhelming for many. Enter Parenthoods, a social app that connects parents with each other. Users share advice, read tips, and plan events. The platform is currently only live in San Francisco.

5. Product Hunt

There are so many apps, websites, and platforms. Product Hunt lets users choose the ones they like the most, making it easier than ever for folks to find the hottest new products.

6. Segment

In the age of big data, businesses need to have a strong analytics game. Segment simplifies analytics, giving companies the data they need to deliver results.

7. Docker

Docker makes application development incredibly easy. Programmers can use the platform to build applications from microservices, which allows them to ship products faster.

8. Indosole

Indosole is a company that makes footwear from recycled tires and other materials sourced from Bali and Java. In addition to being green, Indosole’s shoes and sandals are also comfortable and stylish. (Indosole is one of our customers: We featured their story on our blog in 2015.)

9. 21st Amendment Brewery

A brewery named after the amendment repealing Prohibition—what’s not to like?

10. Blue Bottle Coffee

OK, Blue Bottle Coffee is technically headquartered in Oakland, but the company, which makes delicious coffee, maintains a sizeable presence in San Francisco.

Honorable mention: Fundbox

Here at Fundbox, we work hard every single day to help small business owners solve their cash flow problems. Small businesses from every corner of the United States use Fundbox to advance payments on outstanding invoices—and you can too.

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