How Proof Interactive Uses Fundbox to Get Even More Creative

Author: Rachel Taylor | February 29, 2016

For the last seven years, Proof Interactive has helped brands connect with their audiences in the digital world.

A digital advertising agency that offers creative services, website development, social media management and more, Proof Interactive’s small team of six often works on very large projects that are all hands on deck, according to Dan Geary, the company’s president and account services director.

Geary comes from an advertising family; the firm his father founded in the 1960s first client was someone you might have heard of before: Elvis. In 2006, Geary joined forces with his business partner, Sam Hubbell, and the two men founded Proof Interactive in 2008.

Proof Interactive Fundbox

“We’re a small but mighty company,” Geary explains.

A core business pillar for Proof Interactive involves supporting traditional advertising agencies with creative design and production. So when the company invoices an agency, that agency turns around and rebills the client who, in turn, invoices their client. Altogether, this configuration can lengthen the conversion of an invoice into cash on hand into months, not weeks.

Since Geary’s company—like all others—needs access to cash in order to be able to respond to new opportunities and grow, he began looking for a way to accelerate Proof Interactive’s cash flow. First, he turned to his bank, asking for a line of credit.

“They told us that they’d love to establish a credit line for us, but we just needed to have a matching amount in our bank account, which defeated the purpose,” Geary says.

Since that wasn’t really what the company needed, Geary continued his search. That’s when he stumbled across Fundbox in the resources section on Intuit’s

Fundbox advances payments on outstanding invoices, giving businesses access to the cash they’re owed right away. Companies then have 12 weeks to repay that advancement, plus the small fee.

Geary liked what he was hearing, so he decided to give Fundbox a try. Once he connected QuickBooks Desktop to Fundbox, it was smooth sailing from there on out.

“I don’t even think about it anymore,” Geary continues. “It’s a sight-unseen process, and it’s very simple. We use Fundbox all the time since it cuts our cash conversion time for a portion of our Accounts Receivable to zero days.”

“With Fundbox, I can easily convert our company’s great work into operating funds in less than a minute. The service adds tremendous value, which makes the fee very reasonable.”

In the creative services industry, what you’re selling, essentially, is time, Geary says. With Fundbox, the team at Proof Interactive no longer has to stress over invoicing—or even spend much time thinking about it at all. Instead, they’re able to direct all of their focus on their clients. And the resulting work speaks for itself.

“I would recommend Fundbox to friends and colleagues in the creative space, particularly in today’s business environment,” Geary explains.

“To be able to issue an invoice to someone and then have that invoice paid in your inbox right away—it’s just great.”

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