Our Top 5 Blog Posts for Tax Day!

Author: Gabrielle Gulo | April 11, 2016

With Tax Day only a week away, make sure you sort out all your small business tax needs ASAP! To help get you started—or help you early filers plan for next year’s Tax Day—take a look at our best tax and accounting blog posts from the past year.

1. How to Manage Your Estimated Tax Payments Without Eroding Cash Flow

If you’re new to business ownership, estimated tax payments can hit you harder than you expect. Avoid any cash flow stumbles by being prepared and planning ahead.

2. The 7 Weirdest Tax Deductions for Tax Day 2015

Uncertain about what you can deduct this year? Last year, small business owners deducted landscaping, animal care, and even an iPhone from their taxable income. If it helps you manage or grow your business, that expense just might be tax-deductible!

3. 6 Tips to Avoid a Small Business Tax Audit

No one likes getting audited, so the best way to avoid receiving that letter from the IRS is to be precise, file on time, and—surprisingly—hire full-time employees.

4. 5 Ways to Stop Tax Season Taking a Bite out of Cash Flow in 2016

Taxes can significantly affect your cash flow, slowing or hindering your ability to grow or even manage your small business. From payroll taxes to insurance savings, here are a handful of ways to mitigate their impact.

5. 5 Cash Flow Resolutions Every Small Business Should Make

How was your cash flow in 2015? It’s never too late to make 2016 resolutions! Resolution #1: Stay cash flow-positive. If you plan to grow or even stay stable in 2016, you should make sure your cash flow stays in the green and not in the red.

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