Our Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2014

Author: Anna Eschenburg | December 17, 2014

How was your 2014? Did you achieve your goals? Is there anything you’d do differently in 2015?

2014 was a busy year here at Fundbox. We were especially excited and honored to have been awarded the Best Small Business Innovator Award for 2014. Thanks for all your votes! We also churned out a fair amount of blogs with the goal of offering tips and insights into financial management, cash flow, and general business best practices.

In the spirit of looking back, we thought we’d share articles that you might have missed. Below you’ll find our ten most read articles of 2014.

1. How to Split Profits in a Business Partnership

Partnerships are a hugely popular form of business structure, but how do you split your profits (especially if one owner contributes more man hours than the other). This article explains how to plan your profit sharing strategy.

2. 5 of the Hottest and Best iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners

From business productivity apps to financial management tools, we list the best free or low-cost iPhone apps for small business owners.

3. 5 Signs that Your Small Business Tax Return May Prompt an IRS Audit

No one wants to attract an IRS audit, and while the chances are low, there are certain red flags in a small business owner’s tax return that may catch the attention of the IRS.

4. How to Plan for Business Expenses (and Improve Cash Flow)

Want to be organized in the New Year? One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you track and record your small business expenses. This article explains which everyday expenses you can and can’t deduct and recommends some handy apps to help with this chore.

5. 5 Freelance Planning Tips for a Prosperous Year

Business planning isn’t something that freelancers have a lot of time for. But stepping back from the “busyness” of running a business can help you grow and deepen client relationships, realize tax savings, and more.

6. Fundbox Wins Best Small Business Innovation 2014!

The Innovation Project Awards are the most prestigious recognition awards in the payment industry. Read more about the award and our bedfellows in this one – Freshbooks, Shopify, Paymill, and ShopKeep.

7. Week in Review: 5 Must-Reads for Small Business Owners

In this article, we opened up our blog to highlight some articles we thought you wouldn’t want to miss, including 8 Simple Copywriting Tips, Do you Know Your Independent Contractors from your Employees, and more.

8. How to Improve Your Small Business Cash Conversion Cycle

Do you know what your business’ cash conversion cycle is? If you operate a retail-based business or one that maintains inventory and are looking to do a better job of managing cash flow, this is the one critical metric that you’ll need to understand and manage.

9. Small Business Competitive Pricing – How to Start Selling on Value

How do you respond when your business is forced to compete on price? Consider these tips for bringing value back into your selling proposition and differentiating your business on more than price alone.

10. 5 Ways to Survive Business Seasonality without Going Broke

If you run a seasonal business, then you’ll know the challenge of maintaining revenue streams during your off-season. This article explores five ways you can survive and prosper through the business seasonality of your year.

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