Invoice Financing: The Small Business Financing Option You Might Not Have Heard Of

Author: Justin Reynolds | November 11, 2016

Invoice Financing For Small Business

While cash flow problems are a common affliction of small businesses, they can cause a serious amount of damage—which is why many business owners look into small business financing solutions.

Without money in hand, companies are unable to launch new marketing campaigns; remodel a current location or open a second one; invest in new tools and equipment; develop new products; hire additional staff and pay existing team members properly; take advantage of new opportunities or otherwise grow their operations. Even paying routine utility bills can become tricky.

When faced with cash flow problems, many small business owners look to invoice financing options as a source of receivable based financing.

Does your small business deal with late payments on a regular basis? Instead of trying to solve your cash flow problems by spending a ton of time applying for loans you’re unlikely to get or weighing your business down with hefty fees, you may be better off giving Invoice Financing a serious considertion.

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing allows you to borrow from your receivables for a fraction of the cost that other kinds of lenders require. Here’s How It Works: Create a Fundbox account in less than a minute and link it to your accounting app (e.g. Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Zoho, Harvest, etc.) to complete your application. You will receive a credit decision typically within minutes. If approved, simply click or tap any outstanding invoice you want to clear, and money will be sent to your business’ bank account within one business day. You’ll then have 12 or 24 weeks to repay the advance. Click to see Fundbox Invoice Financing Pricing Simulation.

Why Invoice Financing?

There’s no sense in taking on any debt or giving up any control of your business if you don’t have to. You’d also be wise to avoid paying hefty fees whenever you can.

If your small business is facing a cash shortage because your customers aren’t paying their bills on time and net 30 is becoming net 60, net 90, or something even worse, give invoice financing a try. Your cash flow problems may very well become a thing of the past. Get started for free today.


Other Small Business Financing Solutions

  1. Traditional bank loans

    Hard to secure, especially for new businesses, plus they involve a complicated, time-consuming process with a lot of paperwork.

  2. Small Business Administration loans

    Available through the federal government and feature long, drawn-out approvals that are also difficult to secure.

  3. Loans from nonbank lenders

    Easier to secure, but have hefty interest rates and fees.

  4. Merchant cash advances

    Requires borrowers to sell a portion of their future credit card receipts to businesses for a hefty fee.

  5. Invoice factoring

    Available to those willing to sell unpaid invoices to a third party at a significant discount.

  6. Selling an ownership stake

    Forces business owners to give up at least some control of their companies.

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