How Small Businesses Can Eliminate Anxiety with a Private Virtual Server

Author: Keith Eneix | August 26, 2015

As a small business owner, anxiety about your growing business is probably constant in your life. You worry about sales. You worry about payroll. You worry about keeping track of all of your data.

You have probably also been worrying about how to protect all your data. Especially with all this hype lately about the end of the world (or at least the Pacific coastline) via massive earthquake, we noticed that it has prompted businesses, and small businesses, in particular, to suddenly wonder,

“Am I prepared for a disaster? What would happen to all of my data?”

Plus it can be confusing…servers, IT support, updates, system security, recoverability, and more. Not to worry, though. It might be worth considering a virtual private server provider and eliminate those worries altogether.

IT Issues
One major complaint often heard (or stated) by small business owners is the problem of being bogged down in constant system maintenance. Need some examples? Here are some common menial tasks that take a lot of time, and, while necessary, don’t do much to move your business forward:

  • Virus protection
  • Monitoring of systems
  • System configuration
  • Infrastructure development
  • User support
  • Manual updates
  • Breakage repair

One of the benefits of a private virtual server is knowing your IT department has time to devote to the growth of your business, instead of worrying about these tasks.

System Security
What small business hasn’t worried about their data security? In the last three years, 78% of business have experienced a data breach according to If you have not experienced a hack yet, it’s likely you’ll soon become a statistic as well. Hackers and viruses are serious issues, and when it comes to protecting your business from the inside, a private virtual server with top level security can relieve a whole lot of your anxiety.

Private virtual server providers devote a ton of resources to staying cutting edge with security systems. They usually have many clients with extremely sensitive information that must remain protected. As a result, these types of providers are usually far ahead in the industry when it comes to maintaining a completely safe system in which to store your business data, organizational systems, and other confidential information.

Disaster Recovery
The ultimate fear of all business owners — some sort of disaster and full data loss. All of their business information, systems, records, software — empty. Or completely gone.

So, how can you best protect your business against this very real threat of a technology-based disaster? Consider a cloud hosted private server:

  • Private virtual servers are off-site: This means that if you have a fire, a break-in, or, for instance, an earthquake, you don’t lose your system servers. Instead, your servers, at their multiple remote locations across the globe, are safely housed. All of your data is protected. All of that data is also regularly backed up with your private virtual service provider.
  • Private virtual servers are based in the Cloud: If a disaster occurs, you can still access all of your data by entering your Cloud-based systems. As long as you know your username and password, you could be anywhere at any computer or mobile device and access all your files and information.

Finding a VPS Provider
There are many different options for a VPS Provider. Although I’m biased, at Cloud9 Real Time, we specialize in offering cloud-based private virtual server solutions to small businesses. We make sure that our client’s systems are always secured, backed up, and ready for any disaster that might come your way.

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