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How Lumina Uses Fundbox to Build Amazing Websites and Applications

By Anna Eschenburg

Having run a web design firm in New York City for the last 11 years, Yaniv Liron knows a thing or two about how tough it can be for small business owners to get their hands on the cash they need to grow.

Founded as a software development company, Lumina has evolved over the last decade. In addition to its flagship offering, the company now provides web design, website development and marketing services, too. Through Lumina, Liron and his team of six solve their clients’ web design and user experience problems.  

“We build our customers beautiful, smart websites that seamlessly communicate with other systems, third-party applications and internal programs,” Liron says, describing one of his firm’s services.

Most folks who run small website design firms will tell you the same thing: Invoicing doesn’t always go as planned. It’s not uncommon for projects to fall behind schedule as clients change their minds or get caught up with other priorities. It’s also not uncommon for clients to take longer than expected to pay their invoices.

The experience at Lumina has been no different. While some customers might pay their bills in a week or 30 days, others can take as long as six months to cut a check, Liron explains.

In search of a way to get quicker access to the cash sitting in Lumina’s accounts receivable, Liron came across Fundbox. Liron decided to give Fundbox a shot because there wasn’t any downside to simply trying it out. Unlike comparable services, Liron enjoyed the fact that Fundbox didn’t run credit checks or put a lien on his business. 

Once he made the decision to use Fundbox it was off to the races. After easily connecting Fundbox to QuickBooks, Lumina was able to begin advancing his invoices right away. And Liron hasn’t looked back.

“When we get an advance from Fundbox, we use it to keep our business running—processing payroll or paying bills,” Liron says.

“In my opinion, regular credit lines and bank loans have been replaced by Fundbox. The service means you don’t have to wait for your customers to pay their bills to continue to run your business.”

When you’re waiting on a customer to pay their bill, you’re unable to reap the benefits of all your hard work—even if you wrapped up a project weeks or even months ago, Liron explains. On the other hand, with access to the money you’re owed, you’re able to respond to new opportunities decisively instead of stalling until payments come in.

“That time is critical—it’s time you could use to do something else like a new marketing campaign,” he continues.

“With Fundbox, it takes two seconds to clear an invoice and another two seconds to pay it back. It’s easy to work with on a continual basis.”

Liron likes Fundbox because it has an intuitive interface and appealing design. It’s easy to use, and there aren’t too many opportunities for users to make mistakes. He’s used other comparable services before but prefers Fundbox because it’s transparent, simple and straightforward. 

Any parting thoughts? Though the company provides a service that costs money, Fundbox still feels like a partner, Liron says.

“If the banks are the big sharks, Fundbox is the dolphin.”

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