Happy National Small Business Week!

Author: Fundbox Team | May 2, 2017

Happy National Small Business Week! We couldn’t let it go by without sending you a big “THANK YOU.” You are the reason we do what we do.

This week celebrates the hard work that makes your customers happy and your community stronger. We hear a lot of small business owners say they started with a dream. We at Fundbox are here to help you achieve that dream—and here are a few businesses we’ve helped along the way:


How ARTdeezine Uses Fundbox to Bring Clients’ Dreams to Life


How Small World Recruiting Uses Fundbox to Even Out Cash Flow

How SociallyIn Uses Fundbox to Focus on What They Do Best

SNAPbi Fundbox Stories

How This Salesforce Consulting Company Uses Fundbox to Take on New Clients

OZGLO cash flow

How OZGLO Uses Fundbox to Manage Cash Flow Crunches

How Northwoods Casket Uses Fundbox to Build a Green Business


How IDK Events Uses Fundbox to Stay Cash Flow Positive During Busy Season


How This Innovative Law Firm Uses Fundbox to Stay Competitive


How Lumina Uses Fundbox to Build Amazing Websites and Applications


How Indosole Uses Fundbox to Save the Environment One Shoe at a Time


How Preservation & co. Used Fundbox to Land Its Biggest Account


How Proof Interactive Uses Fundbox to Get Even More Creative

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