[Guide] How Professional Services Can Manage Unpaid Invoices

Author: Fundbox Team | December 5, 2016

Companies in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry are waiting on a significant amount of money in unpaid invoices: $78,607.

While it’s a bit lower than the $84,000 that an average SMB has to deal with, it’s still a substantial figure. To help businesses in this industry—which includes creative agencies, legal representatives, IT technicians, bookkeepers, and more—we created a cash flow industry guide below.

What’s Inside?

  • How Delayed Payments Affect Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Companies
    • When cash flow shortages impact everything from rent and payroll to investments in technology and professional development
  • How Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Companies Can Get Paid Faster
    • Why it’s worthwhile to consider different payment methods and reward customers who pay early in order to decrease the number of unpaid invoices
  • How to Better Manage Cash Flow
    • Cash flow forecasting and paying bills on time—never early

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